Mer surt…

Nu vankas det oortodox ‘Lambic’ från Dochter van de Korenaar. Bryggaren Ronald Mengerink har länge suktat efter att producera pseudolambic och sent förra året gjorde han slag i saken! Vad detta bottnar i återstår att se men det är ett synnerligt spännande projekt.

Jag låter Ronalds ord få ackompanjera er vidare:

1983, when I was at the doorstep of becoming a professional brewer I encountered a gueuze brewer: Maurice Heyvaert.

Beacause of illness and the death of his brother and fellow brewer his brewery was closed just a few years before that.

I was searching for equipment for my brewery and we met several times. He even offered me to take over his brewery and become a gueuze brewer. Unfortunately I had to decline; the brewery that I was building was halfway ready, the Heyvaert brewery needed a big capital investment ( which I didn’t have) and in 1983 you could maybe get the equivalent of €1,00 for a 75 cl. bottle of good gueuze. Not really profitable…

During my visits and talks to Maurice he sort of became my first brewing mentor. He tought me all those little tricks that you cannot find in any brewing lecture.

It is in his memory that I’m starting the production of a new (but very old) beer.

In all the years I’ve been brewing beer I tried to master almost any style. But one style, probably the most original one, I didn’t brew.

Already in 1984 I learned how to work with oak barrels, and most of my brewing life I was busy perfectioning this craftmanship.

Now , as the ultimate challenge, and to honour and remember a forgotten but fantastic brewer, I will try my very best to make a fully spontaneous fermented beer. It’s a bit tricky to call it Lambic, but basically that’s what it is. Complete with large portions of unmalted cereals, turbid mashing, and the use of 3 years old hopflowers with low bitterness but in large quantities. And ofcourse the use of a coolship and fermentation in oak barrels.

To remember Maurice I will add one of his old bottles to the wort in the coolship.

This beer will take multiple years to develop and become drinkable. And since even my career as a brewer will come to an end, this will likely be the last beer that I will put in the market.

For me this is closing the circle...

Nu hoppas vi att det går vägen och att Sverige få ta del av slutresultatet!

Tack för uppmärksamheten/

Jens Skrubbe