Ett ståndaktigt beslut!

Quintessence 2016 har blivit ett bryggeri fattigare. Igår tog Cantillon genom Jean Van Roy beslutet om att cancellera Del Borgos medverkan på denna festival eftersom de har sålt sig till AB InBev.

Detta inte helt lätta och stoiska beslut tog Cantillon igår och eftersom tiden är knapp hinner de inte ersätta Del Borgo med ett annat bryggeri utan lovar istället att fylla på med mer Cantillonprodukter. De som inte håller med Jean och har biljetter får givetvis sina pengar tillbaka. 

Här nedan finner ni Jean Van Roys egna ord:

Cantillon organised the Quintessence for May 5 with the participation of two breweries, Masia Agullons and Del Borgo.
As you have probably read today, Birificio Del Borgo was bought by AB InBev.

Brewery Cantillon has fought for decades to promote and preserve traditional Lambic production. When big Belgian companies produced only industrial Lambic, my parents, Claude and Jean-Pierre, were almost alone to continue to produce this amazing beer in a natural way. Today real Lambic is playing an important role again, and we have to stay alert.
For this reason, I decided to cancel the participation of Del Borgo at the next Cantillon Quintessence. For us to open the Cantillon doors to AB InBev is to allow the fox to mind the geese. This decision was not easy to make. More then just being a great brewer, Leonardo is first of all a friend!

Some of you will be disappointed about this decision and I totally understand. Brewery Cantillon is ready to refund anyone who wishes it.

It is clear that in place of the Del Borgo beers, our visitors will have access to other Cantillon offerings! I promise you very special things within an expanded Cantillon beer list. More news in the coming days.


Jean Van Roy

Tack för uppmärksamheten/

Jens Skrubbe


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