Memoire #1

Idag har jag knappt tid att andas men jag kan inte låta bli att låna Ronald Mengerinks ord om en ny skön produkt från Dochter van de Korenaar som jag hoppas jag får smaka.

Sometimes even a craft beer brewer gets lucky.When aging beers in barrels there are for many reasons now and then ” forgotten” barrels. These beers might have spend up to two years in the barrel. When finally finding the time to crack open these barrels you have drain-pour most of the time. But if lady Fortuna likes you a lot, you might find a hidden and almost forgotten treasure. It’s these rare and special beers that we cannot drink all by ourselves, and therefore have decided to share with our most appreciated customers. These batches of special beers are to small to develop as a new brand, but will be categorized under the name ” Memoires”.

Memoire #1 will be a blend of 1/3 Finesse , aged for two years, and 2/3 L’Ensemble, aged for 13 months. Both were aged on 2nd use whiskey barrels.The beer inside the barrels was maderized and portorized to perfection. This product will hopefully be a beer to be remembered on those rare quiet self-reflecting moments that we all need now and then. Cheers!

Jag tackar Ronald för detta och uppmärksamheten/

Jens Skrubbe


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