Urbain om Bolshevik Pèche

Igår höll jag som sagt en provning på den pågående Surölfestivalen i Göteborg. Inledningsölen var en av Struises mest udda produkter Bolshevik Pèche. För att ge mig kött på benen inför provningen bad jag Struises bryggare Urbain Coutteau berätta lite om produkten. Detta är historien jag fick…


Hi Jens, thank you for the kind words, it helps in difficult days 😊 hope you are good there too in your neck of the woods.

Bolshevik Pèche.

Strange beer.

Strange creation.

At the time of creation, the politics and economics in Belgium were to my knowledge at their lowest level in history.

We wanted to make a statement.

It’s probably the most poor beer we ever made.

Poor in ingredients.

Poor in taste.

The beer was made out of the second runnings of Tsjeeses, which you know very well…

After first fermentation, we added peaches to a level of 150 grams per liter.

The peaches was sterilized first

In the recipe we used Target for double purpose hops, styrian goldings for flavor hops nad cascade for aroma.

The label was made by Antonio Bravo, a Spanish artist that expressed our vision in the label. The red and green are the political parties that now fight every change made by the actual government. The other three colors are the ruling parties. The bigger the presence of the color in the label, the bigger their power in the formation 😊

I forgot about this beer, it reminds of our dark ages 😊. I’ll taste one at 11:00 today, to check how badly it evolved 😊

Två timmar senare kom fortsättningen:

Btw I tasted the Bolshevic Pêche again today. remained me of a crisis ale 😊 but it has more sparkle than in the beginning. There is also more presence of peaches in this lousy beer. The yeast is thus still making peachy sub esters, which is good. It’s dry, the hops give a little identity and there is a subtle residual sweetness …

Do you really like this?

We’ve made a sour version of it a year ago, it’s barrel aging now, and has got 4% alcohol 😊

Åtminstone jag skrattade så jag grät. Vilken underbar självdistans och vilken humor..

Tack för uppmärksamheten/

Jens Skrubbe

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