Struise effektiviserar!

Efter en konstig dag fylld av bland annat schizoväder måste jag få delge er en historia som är skriven av Struises bryggmästare Urbain Coutteau och som gjorde min dag! 

Earlier this morning, our Efficiency Manager says to me: 

– Urbain you have way too much beer and booze on barrels! You need to sell more of that dormant stuff quicker you hear! Sleeping Capital Urbain, you have to get rid of sleeping capital! 

So I ask our E.M.: 

– Are we loosing money?

He replies:

-No, but you’re not exactly winning any money either. 


Then I tell him: 

– Yeah, but we’ve grown in production this year, from 1500 to 2400 HL. Our barrel room has grown from 600 to 800 barrels. We’ve invested a ton of money by auto financing. And our attic is renovated. We even our own house coffee roastery now. Isn’t that something worth your while? 

Somewhat running out of patience, he says: 

-You’re a bunch of amateurs!”


Honestly? Really? Do we have to pay an E.M. to call us amateurs? We already knew that! We’ve been called a bunch of amateurs for 16 years now! End of story, we fired the E.M. today. We’re better of without him. That way we can at least be less efficient without having to pay for it! 

Doesn’t that sound awesome?
Jag tycker det låter som ett klokt beslut och som sagt gav det mig dagens största skratt.

Tack för uppmärksamheten/

Jens Skrubbe



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