Sorgliga nyheter!

Under gårdagen nåddes jag av den tragiska nyheten att en av lambicvärldens stora hjältar och förkämpar lämnat oss.

Den livsnjutande person jag pratar om är 3 Fonteinen’s Armand Debelder som efter tre års kamp mot cancer somnat in. Mina flöden har svämmat över av fina samt rörande berättelser om denna försvarare av den syrliga ölens existens. Själv hade jag nöjet att träffa denna kunnige, entusiastiske samt ständigt leende gamäng några gånger. Det var alltid ett nöje och det var alltid gott. Dock väljer jag att behålla mina minnen för mig själv men delger med nöje Armand’s visdomsord om de ädla drycker han delgav oss:

Geuze is like a man. When it’s an adolescent, it’s young and foolish and wants to conquer the world. When it ages, it settles down, but it never loses its spark.

Det är som sagt många som har delat med sig av rörande kondoleanser och jag kan inte delge er alla utan väljer den från dem som stod honom närmast:

It is with a heavy heart and great sadness that we announce the passing of Armand.
The inspirer of 3 Fonteinen and an inspiration for many, a gentle teacher to his team, Opa Geuze to the brewery kids, and as a second father to some of us.

Beginning of 2019, Armand was diagnosed with cancer. The impact of the treatment has continuously asked a lot of physical energy and while being surrounded with the best possible care, Armand’s body never really recovered. Last night, he has left us.

Words fall short to describe what Armand has meant to the people he crossed paths with, from close friends, over the local community, to brewers and blenders all around the beer world, and not in the least for beer aficionados. He was and will always be respected, appreciated, and loved by a vast number of people.

We will always remember Armand as the extraordinary person he was; open and sociable, generous, epicurean, always ready to sit down, and take time to lose sight of time while sharing stories and passions.

Armand, you will leave an immense gap in our lives. We will never forget how your warm and charismatic personality and passionate enthusiasm has ignited us to continue your life’s work. We are forever grateful for the chances that you have given us. We will carry our task of leading 3 Fonteinen into the next generations with pride, humbleness, and dignity, as you have always done. You will always remain our greatest inspiration. You are 3 Fonteinen and 3 Fonteinen will be forever you(rs).

It was an honour and a privilege to have had you so close to us. Godspeed to you, you mighty Armand!
When you are reading this, open a good bottle, raise your glass to Armand rejoice Life. Armand wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.

Michaël & Werner & Team 3 Fonteinen

Tack för uppmärksamheten/

Jens Skrubbe


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