Cantillon säljer online igen…

Efter några mer eller mindre lyckade försök har Cantillon åter igen beslutat sig för att ge sig på en nätförsäljning. Det brukar vara fullständiga försäljningssuccéer även om alla servrar brukar crasha och folk som blir utan tenderar att bli lite sura. Det har även blivit en scen för mindre seriösa människor som inte är ute efter dessa åtråvärda lambicer själva utan ser ett sätt att tjäna pengar på andrahandsvärdet. Nåväl, nu har Cantillon försökt göra förbättringar på alla plan samt färskt lära sig av sina tidigare misstag. Nedan ser ni bryggeriets fullständiga meddelande och är ni sugna får ni vara på bettet när det är dags!

Dear friends,

The last online sale in 2018 went really well ! We are of course aware that online sales like this don’t completely eradicate the blackmarket for our beer, but we feel its had a positive impact. We realize this isn’t a perfect solution, but we learn and improve the process with each sale.

The online sale has also proved to be an excellent solution to crowd control at the brewery – no more solicitation in the street outside the brewery, no more customers unable to remember the names of the beers they’ve been asked to purchase, no more people buying but not drinking because they don’t like the beer…

So, we’re going to do it again ! This time we’re releasing a box of six 75cl bottles, containing 3 Fou’ Foune 2019, 2 Brabantiae 2018 and one 50°N-4°E 2018.

Sometime soon, we’ll be launching two sales at different times to best give Cantillon lovers around the world the opportunity to buy a pack. The time and dates of each sale will be random and will not be announced in advance.

The rules of the game have changed a little, so here’s a little information for the sale :

• The bottles must be collected from the brewery – no shipping, no exceptions !

• Proof of purchase must be presented to collect your bottles (this is the ticket in PDF form you will receive by email)

• Proxies will be allowed to collect bottles so long as they are able to present proof of purchase AND a copy of a photo ID of the purchaser.

• Bottles must be collected by Tuesday, 31 March 2020

• The limit for purchase is one box PER INDIVIDUAL PERSON (not PER EMAIL ADDRESS !) – if you are found to have bought more than one pack, we reserve the right to keep the bottles and you will be reimbursed for the extras within two weeks of the date of collection.

• Keep in mind that the brewery is closed on Wednesdays and Sundays, as well as all public holidays in Belgium. Like last time, no pick-ups for bottles can be accomodated on Saturdays (its our busiest day for visitors, sorry guys !). We encourage everyone to double check this information with your travel plans prior to collecting your pack to avoid any broken hearts.

Lycka till!

Tack för uppmärksamheten/

Jens Skrubbe


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