En skatt är återfunnen!

Likt Salomos gruvor eller skatten på skattkammarön, som Edens lustgård i buteljerad form eller möjligen ett flytande Eldorado. Igår kungjorde Cantillon att ett påtagligt antal flaskor av

Jag låter bryggeriets egna ord beskriva denna guldgruva:

It’s been about 20 years now that we’ve been making the Saint-Lamvinus, a blend of lambics with Merlot grapes. The first blends were done in Bordeaux in the 90’s – the Lambic was sent from Brussels to Saint-Emilion and then blended with Merlot and Cabernet Franc from the famous Château Belair.

In 1994, the vinter, Pascal Delbeck, decided to try a blend using grapes frozen after the harvest. The grapes were thawed and pressed in early 1995, the must was then blended with our Lambic and then transfered into barrels. The beer was bottled that summer, at the Tour du Roy in the presence of Philippe Debesse, the owner, and Pascal Debeck, the vinter.

Jean-Pierre was unable to be present for the bottling, so the batch was cellered in await of its eventual return to Brussels…

Last year, a vinter friend of mine told me a seemingly impossible story… that during a conversation with Philippe Debesse, the topic of Cantillon came up, and that’s when Philipppe suddenly remembered that he still had around 500 bottles of St. Lamvinus aging in his immense cellar. Pascal and Jean-Pierre had also forgotten the existence of this little treasure trove, so the bottles had been left to age without the slightest disturbance in the deepest reaches of the cellar.

We recently had the opportunity to taste this precious brew, steadfastly conserved in the most exceptional conditions for the last 25 years – a cellar temperature of 12°C and a steady 90% humidity. The result? The beer is sublime. This forgotten edition of St. Lamvinus will be featured at our upcoming Quintessence, May 1st, and during other special events in the future.

Jag gratulerar alla som hann få tag i en biljett till Quintessence och jag hoppas innerligt att jag någon gång får prova denna Midasbrygd.

Tack för uppmärksamheten/

Jens Skrubbe


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