En välgärning som kan bli din stora lycka!

För någon dag sedan gick Jean Van Roy från Cantillon ut med ett meddelande som både kommer att göra och smaka gott. Åter igen visar Jean sitt goda hjärta och släpper ett hundratal Cantillonspecialare där alla pengar går till välgörenhet!


Jean är orolig å alla vinmakares vägnar. Under två år har de haft katastrofala skördar och på grund av detta har flera organisationer startat olika typer av insamlingar såsom Vendanges Solidaires för att stödja dem ekonomiskt. Nedan följer Jeans egna ord: 

Lambic is considered the missing link between the world of beer and that of wine. At Cantillon Brewery, this is a truth which we want to spread even further, since many of our beers have been inspired by the work of winemakers.

Today, winemakers in many regions are experiencing great difficulty. As a result of several freezing nights at the end of April, a great many winemakerslost their entire harvest for 2017. France in its entirety, northern Italy and even northern Spain were affected. This catastrophe only adds to the poor harvest from last year.

Cantillon’s philosophy has always been very close to that of winemakers’ and so we wanted, as best we can, to help our friends in their hour of need. That’s why we’re going to put a hundred or so bottles of rare Cantillon vintages up for sale, exclusively online. The profits will benefit struggling winemakers.

Every year, Stéphane Tissot does me the great honnor of sending me two barrels of Vin Jaune, which we blend with an aged Lambic. A hundred or so bottles of this rare and exceptional beer, bottled in December 2016 will be available under the name ”La Vie est Solidaire” for purchase.

At the same time, bottles of 2010 Lambic d’Aunis and 2009 Pineau Meunier will also go up for sale. These beers, produced thanks to the grapes of our friend Olivier Lemasson, will serve to help him in return. Following to the bad wheater in the Loire Valley, Olivier lost 70% of his production in 2016 and 90% in 2017.

You already know how important it is to us that we charge a fair price for our beers. In this particular case, we are breaking from our usual principle, and these special bottles will be sold for the price of €150 per bottle.

Excluding cost of packing, shipping and bank fees, the entirety of the funds raised will go to the association Vendanges Solidaires, which helps struggling winemakers through times of need.

The sale will take place in the next few weeks.

Trots det väl tilltagna priset är jag övertygad om att dessa rariteter kommer att ta slut i ett nafs. Förhoppningsvis kommer jag över någon.

Tack för uppmärksamheten/

Jens Skrubbe 


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